The Hope Sculpture

The Hope Sculpture’s build achieved an incredible 75% reduction in CO2

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The 3 Hope sculptures by Steuart Padwick are an expression of hope and optimism in these difficult and challenging times. The brief was to link how, by building better and greener and by taking better care of our environment, we take better care of our own and our communities mental well being.

“It started as a conversation and became a gift from 50 companies to Glasgow and South Lanarkshire”
Steuart Padwick, Artist/Designer


The Hope Sculpture. Cuningar Loop, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Steuart Padwick’s Hope Sculpture is the UK’s first cement free concrete superstructure.  
This globally significant achievement will act as a catalyst for change and contribute hugely to the environmental debate and positive legacy of COP26.


Hope Triptych. Rottenrow Gardens, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

The Hope Triptych by Steuart Padwick, at Rottenrow Gardens is a playful 3.5m-high adaptation of the Child of Hope and is composed of three colourful figures, symbolising the power of coming together. It is made from locally reclaimed sheet steel with a low carbon cement-free concrete foundation.


Beacon of Hope. Glasgow Central Station, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

The Beacon of Hope by Steuart Padwick at Glasgow’s Central Station is located on the main concourse, the Child of Hope is reaching out to all those passing through the station.
Made from contoured layers of cross laminated sustainably grown Scottish Sitka Spruce, referencing the expanding timber construction industry that Scotland is developing.


Building a COP Legacy (6 min film)